The Minister of Housing and Communications of Finland, Ms Krista Kiuru, is prepared to use strong national measures to increase the alternatives for more environmentally friendly construction. - Energy efficiency and life-span thinking should be made an integral part of all construction, from land use and town planning to public building, repair and housing production as a whole, Minister Kiuru says.
Forest and wood have given the Helsinki Music Centre not only its exterior look, but also character and atmosphere. The pail-like main hall has been dubbed “smoke sauna”, owing to the tone of its warm, dark birch panels, while the seats in the vineyard-like audience have been described as a “logjam”, the wooden stairs are like creeks, and the ceiling of the main hall that regulates the sounds was named “Sound Canopy” (Finnish: Sointilatvus) following a public competition arranged to come up with a name for it.